LeBron Takes 1 To The Chin, Cavs 0-2 Against Boston

May 16, 2018

© Greg M. Cooper | 2018 May 15 USA Today Sports

I made it to halftime for last night's Cavs-Celtics Game 2. I went to bed not as pessimistic but more optimistic with a 7 point lead. Woke up this morning and now I'm more back to being pessimistic after that 107-94 loss. Hey at least we didn't get blown out by 25, but the Celtics have not lost a series after being up 2-0. Are 9-0 at home, okay do you feel more optimistic because Boston is 1-4 on the road during their playoff run this year? I don't. And are you still giddy about the Cavaliers winning in 6 (like most have predicted) or even some were as brave to predict a Cavs sweep? Now it's Boston with home court advantage and can roll a sweep of their own with wins this coming Saturday and Monday night.

Wanna see the shoulder shot to the chin LeBron James took from Boston's Jayson Tatum? ESPN has that highlight for you HERE. And LeBron's lucky to still have all of his teeth intact.

Have a great day.