Rock Hall Induction Thoughts

April 16, 2018

The Cars (JR Eaton/WNCX Cleveland)

Never been before so I was really looking forward to last Saturday's Rock Hall induction ceremony and...after being told of all the things I wouldn't like about, thought I'd address those here.

#1- It's long and boring. No. Was pleasantly surprised Bon Jovi kicked off the night. Thought they'd be closing the show not opening. Howard Stern did a very nice job with the induction speech, leading the crowd in singing "Wanted Dead or Alive". The only strange moment was Dire Straits minus Mark and David Knopfler, inducting themselves and did not play.

#2- You can't get a beer and the lines are too long. Another no. Yes, I was in Section 14 in the upper deck but thanks to some excellent ushers, led me to another slew of concession stands that weren't just the one you see, and where everyone hit when walking up the ramp.

#3- The ceremony should be moved to a bigger and more modern location. That perhaps gets a yes. Public Hall has aged nicely, last time I was there was for a function in 2000. But if you do not like heights, sitting in the upper deck with it's steepness in the stairs might leave you with vertigo. When the ceremony is in New York, it's held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn which is similar to The Q. The location of Public Hall, there's really isn't much around there but for the new Hilton. If it was at The Q, there's more bars, restaurants, hotels for out of town attendees. Plus, more of us could attend because there's more seating, justa thought.

Gary Graff of has some nice observations HERE from Saturday's induction.

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Have a great day and thanks.