Wingman Mom Asks Girls To Date Her Son At School

February 14, 2019

Some of you might think this is either cute or creepy. Heck some of you might call him a momma's boy, her a helicopter or the latest description of a parent one who's a bulldozer, which means mom or dad clears away all obstacles that are in their kid's way. But Towson State University campus police are looking for let's just call her "Wingman Mom", who's asking out female students if they'd be interested in dating her son. Then after showing them pictures of her son on her phone, giving a pitch on her son's behalf then she splits off campus. Personally I can do my own asking out which by the way is so romantic, "Hey you wanna go out?" Short, sweet and to the point don't ya think ;) 

Global News out of Canada has 2 links for you. 1 HERE is the story. The other HERE are the TV hosts talking about this. You have a not awkward Valentine's Day and thanks.