Maybe (Dude) You Should Spend V-Day at Home After Seeing This

February 12, 2020
Valentine's Day basket at The Leaf El Paseo The Leaf El Paseo Valentine Basket

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If you're a once, twice, maybe three times divorced guy and you're contemplating taking another swing at romance on Valentine's Day, maybe sitting on the couch in your sweats watching the Cavs with your dog and cat isn't so bad.

Meet two women HERE, courtesy of KABC-TV in Los Angeles who after meeting a couple of guys for what was supposed to be a romantic dinner, then some something-something afterwards made off with these 2 guys cash and watches and more. They're being called by LA cops the "High Heeled Diva's". They're in their 20's, bet the 2 guys are in their 40's and thought oh hey she's really into me. No something else in your pockets and such. Add two men in Los Angeles who'll be spending this coming Friday, watching a movie on Hallmark or Lifetime.

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