Local Students Asked To Fess Up Being @ Party Or Be Kicked Out

September 15, 2020
Off-campus porch and yard parties near the Ohio State University campus in Columbus were packed Thursday, August 20, 2020. Few masks were visible even though the COVID-19 pandemic is rampant. A mix of online and in-person classes begin August 25, 2020 at

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And if these students at the Cuyahoga Falls high school don't admit and they were found to be there, they'll be basically expelled. Do you know what it costs to attend the private Jesuit school? Just under $13,000. If the students do fess up that they were 1 of the 100 estimated to have been at the last party this past Saturday HERE, they'll be no questions asked and mom and dad don't lose the almost 13 grand they already coughed up for their kid. Hey now's not a time be a bad "warrior" for that and tell the truth. We thank Fox 8 for the story and you stay safe, be careful at your next party and thanks for stopping by.