Who Wants To See, Hear A Good Dog Story?

March 12, 2018



Most if not all man have been accused of this (I've been guilty of this as well) and that's doing the same routine everyday and that's what this dude in Alabama did. Along with his boy Bubba the dog who went with his pops everyday for an R-I-D-E to the convenience store. Now we're talking the south, where your dog doesn't ride shotgun in the passenger seat of the pick up truck no, he rides back in the bed. Where if you ask any dog that's where you get the best smells. Plus you have an open, un-encumbered view of the scenery.

But HERE thanks to WHNT-TV in Huntsville, Alabama is the story of Bubba getting stolen while his dad was in the store, plus the act of forgiveness for the guy who took Bubba two weeks ago along with the happy reunion story.

Have a great day and thanks.