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Mike Holyko Wishes You A Great Labor Day !

Mike Holyko wishes everyone a Happy Labor Day Weekend !!
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Fantasy Football And The Next Democratic Debate...

We're headed towards the 2nd Democratic Presidential Debate that will feature what seems to be about 232 participants. Like the first it will be spread over two nights and CNN is having to go into full Fantasy-Football-Draft-Mode to figure out who should show up each night. Click HERE to read all...
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Holyko Celebrates National Nude Day

Happy National Nude Day From Mike Holyko

Mike Holyko celebrates a underrated holiday in National Nude Day
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Holyko Enjoys Naked Gardening

May The 4th Is More Than You Realize

May the 4th happens to be a very busy day this year, with many important events happening.
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May Is Motorcycle Awareness Month

Please take a moment to read. COLUMBUS - May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and the Ohio State Highway Patrol would like to remind motorcyclists to ride trained and sober. As summer approaches, motorists should be aware of an increase in motorcycles on the roadways. In 2018, there...
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Holyko With R2D2

End Game Is Out, But What Is Mike Holyko's Favorite Movie Of All Time?

The arrival of perhaps the biggest box office movies of all time, has made many people wonder what Mike Holyko's favorite movie is.
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What's Wrong With My Tomatoes?

It's the beginning of gardening season and you'll probably be planting tomatoes, and you've probably planted them in the past with some issues that you couldn't figure out. Check out this article before you plant so you'll have healthy tomatoes this summer. See photos of unhealthy tomatoes and ways...
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Renewing Your Drivers License, You'll Need These Documents

These are the documents you will need to renew you drivers license in the state of Ohio!
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Firefighters In Germany Must Have Had A Slow Day They Found Time To Rescue A Fat Rat

You can always count on firefighters running to the aid of people or animals in need, cats in a tree, and now a rat stuck in a sewer grate. Video of Fat Rat Gets Rescued By Firefighters After Getting Stuck In Sewer Grate
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Holyko at WNCX

Holyko Sees His Shadow

Mike Holyko talks about the coming spring.
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