Firefighters In Germany Must Have Had A Slow Day They Found Time To Rescue A Fat Rat

You can always count on firefighters running to the aid of people or animals in need, cats in a tree, and now a rat stuck in a sewer grate. Video of Fat Rat Gets Rescued By Firefighters After Getting Stuck In Sewer Grate
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Holyko at WNCX

Holyko Sees His Shadow

Mike Holyko talks about the coming spring.
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What's The Deepest Hole That We Could Possibly Dig

If you are curious, watch this video. Video of What's the Deepest Hole We Can Possibly Dig?
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Rarest Penguin On Earth Spotted

A wildlife series from the BBC has captured what may be the first footage ever of an all black emperor penguin.
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Mentor High School Game Show Night

Get ready for a fun filled night with your friends. See details.
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Holyko Flying High

Mike Holyko Predicts The Oscars

Mike Holyko gives his predictions for some of the bigger categories at this year's Academy Awards.
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Travelling This Winter Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

Have you had enough of the cold, wet, snowey and sunshineless weather?
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Here Is Why There Were Traffic Jams All Over Downtown Streets This Evening

E. 9th and Prospect was the scene this evening of a a head-on crash between an RTA bus and a Cleveland Police traffic patrol car. Then across the street at Huron a pedestrian was struck. Multiple cars crashed, the pedestrian that was hit was taken to the hospital and most of downtown was affected...
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Happy New Year From Mike Holyko

Mike Holyko wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year
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Bakers Are Pretty Upset Over Missing Tips On Hershey Kisses

Are you having problems with your Hershey Kisses when you unwrap them to make Peanut Butter Blossoms, are you finding the tip of the Hershey Kiss broken off? If so, you're not alone. Bakers all over are complaining about the missing tips and they want answers from the iconic chocolate company. See...
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