Joe Czekaj


Joe Czekaj can be heard Saturdays 2pm - 7pm and Sundays 6pm - 10pm right here on 98.5 WNCX!

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Joe Czekaj has always had a deep passion for music, audio production, and live performance. He acquired his first drum set at age 12, and started down the path of life-long musical exploration. Joe has played drums on multiple US tours, as well as a European tour with guitar virtuoso Neil Zaza. He continues to play gigs in the Cleveland area with his band Good Energy, as well as studio and session work with various artists. After graduating from the Ohio Media School for radio broadcasting in 2019, the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters awarded him with the prestigious CAB Scholarship Award. He takes great pride in sharing knowledge that he has acquired with others to help them grow and succeed. Joe’s love for all things classic rock was instilled early on by his father, who would always have 98.5 WNCX blasting through the speakers everywhere they went. He is an avid coffee enthusiast, cook, documentary lover, and full blown Metallica lifer. Joe’s childhood dream comes true every time he delivers the phrase “98.5 WNCX Clevelands Classic Rock” to the people of Ohio. With his drive and thirst for knowledge, Joe’s list of passions continues to expand in a world of endless discoveries.​

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