classic rock almanac

Ronnie Lane

Classic Rock Almanac June 4, 2019

In 1997 Ronnie Lane of The Small Faces died from multiple sclerosis.
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Ian Hunter

Classic Rock Almanac June 3, 2019

Ian Hunter was born today in 1939.
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Charlie Watts

Classic Rock Almanac June 2, 2019

Charlie Watts was born today in 1941.
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Ronnie Wood

Classic Rock Almanac June 1, 2019

Ronnie Wood was born today in 1947.
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Led Zeppelin with their seven Melody Maker awards. They are, from left to right John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards), Robert Plant (vocals) and John Bonham (1947 - 1980) (drums)

Classic Rock Almanac May 31, 2019

The late John Bonham was born today in 1948.
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The Beatles

Classic Rock Almanac May 30, 2019

In 1968 The Beatles began recording what became known as the White Album.
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Gary Brooker

Classic Rock Almanac May 29, 2019

Gary Brooker was born today in 1945.
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John Fogerty

Classic Rock Almanac May 28, 2019

John Fogerty was born today in 1945.
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Gregg Allman

Classic Rock Almanac May 27, 2019

In 2017 Gregg Allman, guitarist and keyboard player for The Allman Brothers Band died at the age of 69.
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Stevie Nicks

Classic Rock Almanac May 26, 2019

Stevie Nicks was born today in 1948.
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