David Bowie

Vinyl Sales Went Up In 2018 Thanks To These Artists

That's what I like to hear.
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The Greatest Songwriters Of All Time

as told by Rolling Stone.
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Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert: A Historic Send Off

To this day, more than 25 years later, the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert remains the largest concert held in tribute to a deceased musician.
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72 Fake Rock Names

Only the names have been changed, but not to protect the innocent. These are rock stars, innocence seldom applies.
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The Daily Cut: Queen + David Bowie "Under Pressure"

On this day in '81, Queen and David Bowie released "Under Pressure."
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Joe Elliott's Favorite "Spider"

Joe Elliott took did a song from Mick Ronson's "Play Don't Worry" lp as a tribute to the late musician
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David Bowie, Freddie Mercury

Carrie Fisher: Lovers Included Bowie & Mercury

According to a new book, Carrie Fisher counted David Bowie and Freddie Mercury among her lovers.
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The Daily Cut: Queen & David Bowie "Under Pressure"

Queen released the Hot Space album on this day in '82.
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David Bowie Lives On Nightflight

Bowie Lives!

Interviews with David Bowie along with Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, and the Sex Pistols will highlight eighteen new "Night Flight" shows that air at 1:00 of IFC starting April 20th.
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New David Bowie Statue Has Already Been Vandalized

Well that didn't take very long...
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