This Fire Department In Florida Just Put Out The Best Holiday Video

Better than the house displays!
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Crazy Neighbor Chases Neighbor With His Tractor

When you have say...a disagreement with your neighbor why talk or hug it out when you can get your point across this way. This guy couldn't have been running all that fast because when I'm stuck behind a farmer's tractor on 83 or Detroit Road in Avon I mean how fast does a tractor go? They seem to...
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Was It A Prank? Cops Try To Find Man Tied Naked To A Tree On The Beach

Do you like to grab your partner's hand and then go for a long, romantic walk on the beach? Don't worry, this didn't happen here along the Lake Erie shoreline but around Jacksonville, Florida and here's what grabs me...by the time cops arrived the naked guy who was tied to a tree was gone. Some...
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