Ginger Baker


Ginger Baker Tribute Setlist

Stars shined brightly at the tribute concert for Ginger Baker.
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Ginger and Kofi Baker

Ginger Baker And Son Reconciled

Ginger Baker didn't get along with many people.
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10 Essential Ginger Baker Tracks

Here's a list of ten classic Ginger Baker tracks.
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Ginger Baker: Definitely One Of A Kind...

Ginger Baker, the man behind the drums for Cream and Blind Faith, has died at the age of 80. If you've seen the 2012 documentary "Beware Of Mr. Baker" (and you should really check it out) then you know that it's entirely possible that Ginger actually passed away a few years ago but told death that...
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Drummer Ginger Baker of British rock band Cream in concert,

Ginger Baker, Cream Co-Founder, Has Passed Away At 80

Ginger Baker, the wildly influential and innovative drummer, died Sunday after a lengthy hospital stay at the age of 80.
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Cream Drummer Ginger Baker Critically Ill

A post on the official Facebook page of Ginger Baker reports that he is “critically ill in hospital.” Ginger's family confirmed the news via Twitter. The Baker family are sad to announce that Ginger is critically ill in hospital. Please keep him in your prayers tonight — Ginger Baker (@GingerBDrums...
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