Kyrie Irving

Three Years Ago Today, The Cleveland Cavaliers Won The NBA Finals

Three years ago today, every Cleveland fan remembers where they were when the Cavaliers ended the city's 52 year championship drought. No one will ever forget June 16, 2019. The day when LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers held the Larry O'Brien Trophy after defeating the Golden State Warriors...
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Here's One For All You Kyrie Haters!

Since all of our Cavs' superstars are now playing somewhere else it's easy to not wish them well and, at least for me, Kyrie Irving is at the top of the list. And now as the Bucs seem poised to eliminate Kyrie and the Celtics from the NBA playoffs click HERE to smile a bit...
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Kyrie Grows Up?

When Kyrie Irving took his ball and went home (or to Boston) it left Cavs fans with a lot of different opinions concerning his actions.Selfish and childish were two of the more prevelant motifs. Does his recent "apology" change your mind about his leaving? Click HERE to read all about it...
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