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Parma Barbershop Collecting Items For Hurricane Relief

Diapers and non-perishables are among the items needed.
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Parma's Pit Bull Ban Narrowly Upheld

This doesn't stop the fight.
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Parma Residents Will Vote On Pit Bull Ban May 7th

Parma residents have less than one week until they vote on Issue 10 - will they lift the existing pit bull ban, or will they join countless other cities who are ending breed specific legislation? As an animal lover and owner of two pit bull mixes, I hope the vote passes and the BSL in Parma is...
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Parma Residents Will Decide Whether Or Not To Lift Pit Bull Ban

It will be on the spring ballot.
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Right Or Wrong? Parma Man Breaks Into Car To Rescue Dogs

In case you haven't heard about this, so it's a kinda cloudy 78 degree day. And a woman who brought along her two dogs to run some errands, runs inside and leaves her dogs inside the car. Depending on who's story you believe, the man, the Parma cops or the woman who left her dogs inside the car,...
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