Wedding Reception Starts Off With A Bang

For lack of a better hyperbole, this shindig sure went off with a bang.
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Cleveland Couple Invites Foo Fighters To Play At Wedding

Let's help this couple's request be seen by the Foo Fighters! We all know what it's like to have a favorite band. It's an admiration you can't explain. The feelings that their music gives you are ones that can never be put into words. For this Cleveland couple, the music of the Foo Fighters not...
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Avon Lake Couple's Wedding Wiped Out By Hurricane Florence

Having been through several hurricanes while living in Orlando for 15 years, when it's above really a Category 2 storm it's time to put the party blender away and take the storm more seriously. Hurricane Florence which is now a Category 4 storm, expected to bring some devastating rainfall amounts...
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